Buziol Games

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Buziol Games logo.

Buziol Games was the little company who first developed Mario Forever. The company was composed only by two people: Michal Gdaniec (Buziol), who has fully developed the game, and Mauricy Zarzycki (Skell), who helped only in beta testing. Buziol Games started developing Mario Forever in early 2000[1] with Multimedia Fusion 1.2[2].

Buziol Games has been in activity since 2000 to 2006, till Mario Forever v4.15 was released. Since 2009, Softendo has picked the project, leaving Buziol Games to its own. So far, it's doubtful if Softendo is the same as Buziol Games was.


  1. External music files in Mario Forever v1.16.1 and Mario Worker v1.0 are dated back in 2000.
  2. Buziol wrote the program's version in one of the README present in Mario Worker v1.0 folder.